60 Days of Self Loving: The Commitment

I’ve been feeling very blah over the last few months.  In fact, some days, I feel down right miserable.  Totally unhappy and IMG_1395just totally fucking tired.  Its all about normal living-as-an-adult stuff.  Bills, income, house repairs, arguments with my partner, the cat vomit on the floor, the craze of the holidays and all the sugar treats that send my belly into a knot.

When I feel stressed and under so much pressure — whether real or perceived — sometimes, I buckle.  Sometimes, I depend on people around me, particularly my partner, to keep me standing.  And, while there is nothing inherently wrong with this, I’m just getting tired of feeling off center, out of balance, and in a place of longing.

So, my commitment to myself is to re-ignite my own spark, re-member my own desires, and re-create my own sexuality.  60 Days of Self Loving is a project, a gift, and a journey for me to keep coming back to my center, keep remembering who I am when the voice of doubt is loud inside, and to continually create and claim the deliciously adventurous sexuality I want.

Essentially, I’m going back to basics, here.  I’m starting with myself.  Because even though I have a partner, I am still responsible for liberating my own desires.

Everyday, I’ll post a picture and a few paragraphs about my self loving practice of the day.  I’ll also post short videos about what I’ve learned from this experience.  My intention is to create a body of work that is both cathartic, electrifying, and orgasmic for me and useful, maybe even inspirational, for you.


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