Day 5: The 10 Minute Break

Its Monday, and I’m feeling pressed for time.  So, I move to my “at the very least” option.  10 minutes hula-hoop-500x506intentionally moving my body, focusing specifically on my hips, low back, pelvis, sacrum and spine, kinda like our hula-hooper here to the right.

I usually start easy, circling my hips in one direction then the other and playing a figure 8 game with my pelvis in three dimensions.  With the funky sounds of Michael Jackson’s “Shake Your Body,” I was quickly shaking my booty down on to the ground, letting all the fat on my butt and thighs jiggle and swish around.  And of course, a good round of pelvic thrusts, while rhythmically pumping my PC muscles with coordinated breathing.  My tendency is to know the kinds of things I want to do and freestyle to cover the basics.

Your 10 minute pelvic pumping morning dance can be easy, fun, and bring a shot of juice to your day.

Here’s some ingredients:

A short track list of songs you can dance to
3 moves you know you can do without producing pain. 

Ex. Hip Circles, Figure 8s, Pelvic Tilt, Shake Your Booty
Your Breath


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