Day 6: Room to Groom

I love my body hair!  It feels like a protective shield sometimes, othertimes, its my jungle to play in.  In fact, I love my body hair.  Legs, underarms, crotch.  I love the variety of textures between my legs, pits, and crotch.  Each zone is unique.  In absolute opposition to the Nice Guys of OKCupid I celebrate my fuzz.

Today, I chose to use this self loving time to groom m’ groin.  Giving myself a buzz cut means that I take a nice long look at my genitals (because shaving blindly sounds like a bloody horror movie to me).  I watched my clit and hood grow as I adjusted my flesh to get the hairs, my urethra and vaginal opening move with my breath, and my vestibular bulbs became moderately engorged with the vibrations. Even though I’ve done this trim hundreds of times over the last decade of life, every time my electric razor gets close to the delicate little folds of my rosebud, my external sphincter flinches and shrinks in.  So, I breathe deep and relax, just like anal (or any other kind of) sex. After the trim is complete, I let myself just look at my crotch, knowing that my stuff is pretty singular.

For me, there is somewhat of a golden zone when my crotch hair becomes a certain length that I really enjoy.  Its the place where the hair goes from prickly to fuzzy.  During this time, my outer lips are much more sensitive to the variety of sensations available.  I’m excited.  The next few days of this self loving adventure will be a little more intensified with my short hairs so, well, short.


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