Coffee Enema Love

I wrote about my Bucket of Love recently, and I realize I omitted some very important information.  The coffee.The coffee you use for your coffee enema isn’t just the french roast you buy at your local roasting house.  No!  If you really want to get a good clean (and a good buzz) from your enema, you’ve got to obtain a specially blended enema roast, sometimes referred to as “therapy roast.”  You see, the enema roast is the lightest roast and therefore has way more caffeine and palmitic acid, two components of the bean that trigger the liver and gallbladder to dump toxins out, thereby giving you a good release.You can see from the picture here, that the beans aren’t slick dark brown.  In fact, it doesn’t even smell or taste like coffee.  It smells like peanut butter on the stove and tastes terrible, so its a good thing you’re going to stick it up your butt. detail_3_detail_2_newbags__58524.1270647390.1280.1280

I order my ground coffee from s.a.Wilsons, which is the same place you can get one of those easy-to-use enema buckets I showed you in Bucket of Love.Dr Wilson has a great website about the history, chemistry, biology, and application of coffee enemas.  I HIGHLY recommend looking at this page to learn more about the details of this practice, particularly if you’re feeling a bit skeptical or scared about inserting coffee into your colon.


One thought on “Coffee Enema Love

  1. I loved your presentation @ KF2014. I tried out your coffee enema series when I returned home, and must say it was great. I didn’t use the SAWilsons brew, but have a local roaster that gave me some lightly roasted beans which I ground at home, and your so right on the smell of peanut butter. This is a total winner.

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