Day 13: The Bucket of Love

Picture Its been a few days since my last post, where I gave myself and you permission to contract and be gentle with yourself in the process of personal erotic growth.  Experiencing contraction isn’t a reason to just stop and give up.  Its actually a nudge for us to return to the basics and get grounded back in our bodies and practices.

For me, my practice of self loving has been easy.  My practice of writing and publishing these posts is a bit more edgy.

I’ve talked quite a bit in my first 10 or so days about self loving as a practice of self care.  I want to add a pretty radical practice to that list.

For the last few years or so, I’ve been playing around with enemas.  I started with the Fleet that you can get at the drugstore.  I do NOT recommend these because they’ve been known to drain the body of good fluids and create uncomfortable dryness.  After that, I experimented a couple of times with salt water enemas, which is good, but not compelling.

I do 4 cups of water plus 4 tablespoons of coffee.  Boil for about 5 minutes, simmer for another 10, let cool for about 20.  Sometimes, I pour the liquid into a metal bowl and put in the freezer to cool it down. With the bucket connected to the tube and the tube clamped off, I pour the liquid into the bucket, adding water to bring it up to 4 cups of fluid.  I attach the bucket to the shower head with a carabiner, so the bucket is high up and the fluid just flows out with the help of gravity.

The Nest
i fold a large towel in half and put in the bottom of the tub with a pillow at the back.  So, i’ve made a nest.  if there is any waste of any kind, it’ll just go down the drain.  I put a little castor oil on the end of the tube and a little castor oil on my a-hole and slowly slide the tube in about 3 or so inches.

Application and Retention
I begin in a comfortable position, usually on my back with my knees bent.  From this angle, I can control the clamp on the tube and watch the fluid move in.  I will usually let in about a cup at a time, clamping down the tube to let myself absorb and relax for more.  After about 2 cups, I usually roll to my left side to encourage the fluid to move into my sigmoid colon and up into my descending colon.  After I’ve got all the fluid in, I pull out the tube, give it a quick rinse and get back on my left side for a few breaths.

Here’s where I get wild.  From my left side, I’ll lift my right leg with knee bent for a few reps.  Then I’ll turn over and be face down in the tub in a child’s pose, then move to downward dog.  I want the fluid to move up my descending colon and into my transverse colon.

Sometimes in downward dog, I’ll do a few sets of intense fire belly breaths.  I breathe all the air out of my lungs and let my belly cave in, holding my breath, I’ll wiggle my belly in and out, like my gut is doing a wave.  I’m able to isolate the upper belly from the lower belly, so I’ll do that a few times each way.

I find that breathing moves the fluid around a lot.  I also make a bit of noise, toning and singing, and opening my jaw, which helps me move through the contractions without needing to clench my anus and pelvis and without rushing to evacuate.

After about 20 minutes of maintaining the liquid in, I get out of the bathtub and onto the toilet.

I find that I evacuate in 4 phases / flushes.  I flush after each phase.  The first phase is mostly liquid, only sightly darker than what went into my butt.  The second phase is where the majority of the mass comes out.  Its typically very dark.  The third phase is less mass and some fluid.  And the last phase is more of a time and space to just let the remaining move through.  There is usually a good amount of contractions and bearing down for me in this last phase. I also experience more mucous and more green slime coming out.

If you do this coffee enema and have a bit of mucous and green slime at the very end, it means that your gallbladder has been triggered to release bile, while is a very helpful cleansing process for your digestive track.

I typically drink 2 cups of water after this is all done, and I usually feel like a million bucks!

I’d like to get this on my once a week list because its so good.  And, it gets me super excited for anal sex.  Not only am I clean and relaxed in the ass, I’m wired and ready to play!

Because I like to push into my edges, I’ve been practicing with coffee enemas for the last 9 months or so.  I know.  Coffee.  Enema.  When I talk to people about this, I watch their face contort and imagine their asshole tightening up in similar fashion.

The why for all this is eloquently spoken to here and here. Here’s the footnote version of health benefits:  cleans out the colon and large intestine, purges the liver and gallbladder of toxicity, helps eliminate parasites, improves digestion, decreases depression, confusion, and generally held tension, increases mental clarity, energy, and happiness!


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