Day 8: Anal Relaxation

How many of you play with your own anus?  And, by play, I mean touch, feel, rub, massage, penetrate, explore.  I highly recommend it!

Today, I set my timer for 20 minutes because I was between clients and writing and only had a limited amount of time.  Again, giving myself permission to go slow, with feet flat on the floor, I drapped my torso over the edge of my massage table, at an angle to be able to see my whole junk in the big wall mirror behind me.

With my non-gloved hand, I applied a pre-mixed combination of castor oil and almond oil to the fingers of my gloved hand.  Very gently, I began by just placing my hand on my the delicate folds of my anus and took a few deep breaths. Feeling my body relax into the heat and cushion of the massage table, I let my touching be in time with the slow rhythm of my breathing.  The touch was firm, but slow enough to really signal to my asshole that this is a safe and easy exploration. Within a few minutes, my asshole smoothly opened for me to slide in my index finger.  For a moment, I just waited there, concentrating on breathing and could feel my body relax even more, opening even further.  Image

Now, with one arm wrapped around my body, my index finger ever so slightly sliding in and out, I use my other hand to touch my clit.  Almost immediately, I can feel my asshole squeeze around my finger.  I do love this, but today, I wanted to aim toward intentional relaxation instead of intense excitation.  I wanted to ride the waves without grabbing tight and pushing my body in one direction toward orgasm.

I chose a slower pace of clit stimulation than I usually do so that I didn’t spike a contraction, lock down my pelvis, squeeze my asshole shut and spit out my own finger.  No. I went slow and spent time breathing into the touch, reminding myself to let the nuance of sensation coax a deeper surrender.  And it did.  A few minutes of slow clitoral stroking and anal penetration, I felt like I might have been drooling.

When my timer went off, I gently released my hands and my posture, bent my knees, did a bit of stretching, put my clothes back on and went back to work after a quick clean up. No orgasm, just exploration.  It was just the perfect little self massage in the middle of my day — enough to relax, get wet, be with my body, then be done.


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