Day 9: Self Care

Its been a few days.  I know.  I promised I would report my self-loving.  Here I am.  Let me report a weekend full of embodied learning and growing.  While not explicitly sexual content, I could feel my erotic energy flowing in my genitals and throughout my body during our games that encouraged physical proximity, emotional unveiling, and surrendering into trust.

I’m currently in a year long apprenticeship with 20 other magical beings tending to our skills in priestessing and leadership.  Its a journey into ourselves as leaders, healer, and activists in these uncertain and tumultuous times on a planet that is suffering from climate, globalized war, financial precariousness, and hardening hearts.

Even as a pleasure advocate and coach, I close down my heart because feeling the enormity of the grief that comes with being fully awake in these times is just too much!
And, yet, it is necessary to feel what is hard in order to feel what is incredible.

Here’s a short list of some of my regular pieces of personal practice with a few new additions.

  1. Make a personal date once a week for some kind of outdoor adventure with a buddy.  Walking Portland’s variety of city trails, community walks, or stairs, a day trip to Forest Park or a hike in the Columbia River Gorge.
  2. Setting and aiming for a end to computer time (10pm) and a regular, lights out bedtime (11pm).  This will help me get the sleep I need so I can wake up refreshed (and ready for all the solo sex I’ve got on my calendar)!
  3. Give myself body love everyday.  Solo Sex, Gratitude, Dance, Stretch, Pamper
  4. Sing everyday!
  5. Look at the moon.  Get perspective of self on the earth and part of the cosmos.

So, what do you do when you feel overwhelmed at all the stuff in your life?  How do you come back to your center so you can meet the day or week ahead?  What are your regular “go-to” self care activities that nurture your core?

Make a list of things you can and will do.  Keep this list on your altar, next to your bed, on a post-it on your mirror, or anywhere you’re sure to see it again and again.  I find it helpful to write myself notes for the future when I know I’ll need them!


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