Day 15: A Quickie with Lara and a Pain in my Ass


After doing the sequence a few times, I laid still and just listened to my body, scanning from head to toe, and feeling into the different structures and systems of my body.  I heard my belly gurgle.  I felt my sacrum relax.  I felt the expansion and contraction of my lungs as I inhaled and exhaled.  And the more I felt into my sex, the more nuance I could feel in the flesh, including tension and holding at my anal sphincter, my labia pressed into the fabric of my underwear and the seam of the crotch in my leggings.  Having this subtle experience is one of the reasons why I’m doing this 60 day practice.

After spending a little bit of time humping my magic wand and having a few orgasms, I laid still and focused on feeling the nuances of sensation in my body.  I could feel tingling in my genitals, warmth throughout my torso, throbbing in my sex, and a general easiness all over.  All this sounds normal for me.

What I’m noticing the day after I did this specific yoga sequence followed by my “usual” masturbation pattern, is an increased tightness in my ass.  Not my asshole, but the muscles of my buttocks.  I’m not sure if it is my Gluteus Medius or Gemellus or what, but there is more tension there today than yesterday.g485  Notice in the photo here, that the buttocks is such a complex layering of muscles, nerves, tendons and fascia.  When one muscle becomes tight or tweeked, the whole system is affected.

In my training and hands on experience with sexuality and orgasm, I’ve heard a number of people speak about their sexual patterns — doing the same positions in sex, or the same kind of masturbation, or even the same kind of sexual partners.  I’m curious how these patterns show up in our bodies as muscle tension, sway backs, external rotation of legs, caving in of chest, protruding chins, and tight asses.  I’ve talked to multiple women who want to learn to orgasm in a different way because the kinds of pressure they are putting on their body to reach orgasm is, literally, too painful to continue.  Other folks I’ve talked to have told me that they can’t orgasm unless they are in a certain pattern or position.

So, the next time that you masturbate, consider paying a little attention to the ways that you contort or push your body during your advancement toward orgasm.  You might be surprised at the ways you wind yourself up and create more tension than relaxation.  Then after your solo sex, come back to this sequence by Lara or do some stretching on your own.

If you notice something you’d like to share, please do in the comment section below.

You can find out more about Lara Catone here.


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