Birthday Celebration Month, Day 4

A  whole month to celebrate my birthday, my life, and living fully.

I recently wrote about starring in my own erotic movie.  Now, I’m creating my own birthday celebration, and I’m loving how the call out for friends and (new) lovers to show up for my birthday contributes to my insatiable fantasy mindscape!

So, I’m asking: What turns me on?  What do I do in my own life to create joy and ecstasy?  Who do I want to invite into intentional moments of connection and play?

So juicy this inquiry is!  I can barely complete these sentences without jumping to another page to scratch down names and places and dates and, of course, budgets.  What a fun way to start my day!

Here are just a few of my ideas:

  • Japanese Gardens
  • Hot Tub and Sauna
  • Long Hike to a gorgeous view
  • An evening with a hot circle of women
  • Seeing the Ballet
  • Cuddle Puddle with me in the middle
  • Warm fire and even hotter date
  • Dancing
  • Dressing up, going out, seeing and being seen
  • Seeing someone I’ve been wanting to talk to for months, and finally making my way across the room, introducing myself and asking them on a date!
  • Delicious Dinner full of Dirty Talk
  • And, a few new sex toys!

Already, putting these desires and requests out into the world has resulted in a delicious stream of text messages, photos, offers and sweet messages in my direction.  Sometimes, we just need the attention of others to help remind us how amazing we each are.

How do you celebrate your aliveness?  How will you ask the people in your life to recognize you and the unique gifts you bring alive to the world?

Wanna be part of the conversation? Do it here!

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