Beltane Begins Masturbation Month

Happy May 1st!

There is a lot to celebrate and appreciate this day and month. 

Beltane is the time of year that is half way between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, and is celebrated, around the world, as a tipping point.  The flowers are open, the birds are singing, and bees are pollinating, all to make the food stuffs ripen for our sustenance and pleasure.

Of course, Beltane is also celebrated with pretty explicit sexual imagery and activity in many places: wrapping the ribbons around an erect May Pole, courting lovers, having sex, and frolicking naked in the wildflowers.

I invite you to mark this day and this week as your chance to intentionally wake up and take action like the dragonflies fucking in mid-air.  Whether you’ve been in the funk from the dark cold of the winter or swirling in a fog of a shame myth that there is something inherently wrong, broken, or needs fixing with you, now is the perfect time to take a walk or hike or motorcycle ride into the natural world to turn all your senses on. 

Waking up your senses and coming home to your body can be one of the most important practices of your life.  I’m not kidding.

When you know what you are feeling (sensations and emotions), you can effectively communicate what you know about your experience.  You expand your range of your felt reality so you can imagine what it would be like to have your desires fulfilled, to be living the life you want.  And when you can imagine and feel into the creation of your desires, you have a roadmap to get there.  You let your body wisdom inform, guide, and influence your path, so you can trust your intuition and live authentically in your pleasure and passion.

May Day or International Worker’s Day is also a day of solidarity, visibility, and appreciation for people who work: people planting and harvesting our food, raising kids, cleaning houses and hotel rooms, serving coffee, burgers, or beer.  People who are building or fixing cars, designing software, driving buses, teaching, making porn, dancing, or tending the sick in clinics, hospitals, or hospice.

May Day grew from labor organizing into a multi-dimensional movement for working class and professional people to advocate for safe working conditions, health care, fair and equal wages, access to affordable housing, paid maternity leave, environmental protection, and so much more.  Remember, the labor movement marches, revolts, and demands are what ended mainstream child labor in the US, brought us the 8 hour work day, and the weekend.  So, tip 20% and say thanks to all the people (including you) who effort at a job, a passion, or an obligation. 

May 1st also marks the beginning of Masturbation Month, and if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I love masturbation.  In fact, it is one of my favorite subjects to talk and write and teach about. 

Solo Sex can teach you about your body, help you feel relaxed, powerful, courageous, turned on, tuned in, beautiful, whole, and alive.  Masturbation is a great venue to try new ways of moving your body, talking dirty, making ritual, using toys, and getting curious.

Self Love is also a place where you can learn to truly appreciate yourself — your body, your past and present life experience, your fantasies, your joy, and so much more.

An artist client I was working with for 4 months recently told me about her post-coaching experience of her mindful masturbation practice.

She said:

“I loved the motivation, accountability, and direction.  The templates you gave me were so helpful in reassuring myself of my own knowledge, which lessened my inner criticism and helped me trust my intuition. 

“Now, I dig deeper and get new information about myself that is real and tangible. I know what I did, so I have an idea of what I want next time, which helps me remember so I have a clear direction and lots of excitement.

“I now identify solo sex as valuable work.  It is much more emotionally satisfying.  I previously believed that it wasn’t possible to be this satisfied.  I get so much intimacy and nurturing from myself, without another person.  I don’t have anxiety with orgasm in sex.  I feel released from the ‘who comes first’ paradigm.

“Overall, I feel flirty, playful and innocent, fresh and young.  I’m not intimidated anymore about my sexuality and what else is out there.”

I want to challenge you to pay exquisite attention to your body senses and sexuality this month so you, too, can lessen your inner critic, feel playful, flirty, confident, and sexually satisfied.

You can follow this template here for Mindful Masturbation and see a few of my favorite masturbation reports here and here.


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