Heavenly Body Magic

Big things are happening this week.

On Wednesday, March 6th, the New Moon will enter Pisces and Uranus will enter Taurus.

Let me say all that in a different way.

It time to stop fucking around!

We are in a moment that is calling us to stop amassing shit we don’t need, to purge and purify our homes and our hearts. To extract poisons from our physical bodies and our body politic. To address the shadows of doubt, avoidance, self-loathing, and lying that we’ve been doing for years or decades.

To look into the places where we keep repeating the same struggles time and again, giving ourselves duplicate experiences with different people, requires us to wake up new parts of ourselves, to make an “unrelenting commitment to truth and what it calls us to do or not do.”

This heart, eye, ear, and walk with truth is healing. It may feel like ripping the bandaid from our skin, leaving us exposed and raw, but it will become a balm in time.

This is a call to change, shift, reorganize, reinterpret, and reorder our relationship with the resources in our lives — the earth of our bodies, the flow of our money, and our stewardship of this planet that is our one and only home.

The call for change can conjure up big fear, risk, and uncertainty, especially if we’re already feeling anxious in these precarious times. This call for change can remind us of times we’ve been hurt in our past, when things didn’t go well, when we didn’t succeed, or when we lost something we hold dear.

This is precisely the shadow work that truth is calling us home to do.

To grieve and mourn and let ourselves feel the depths of what we care about. And to let go of what once was. To say goodbye to what we didn’t accomplish, to cease judging ourselves for what didn’t get built, and to forgive ourselves for what we didn’t know in the past.

Chani Nicholas says it so well:

“We must part with our small, sometimes petty, outlooks so that we might meet broader aspects of ourselves. New knowledge we didn’t know we possessed. New talents latent within. When recycled, the wreckage of our lives makes for incredibly potent fuel. In order to access it, however, we have to confront our apathy. Out stifled rage. Our bound up desires. Our fears of being a failure and a success.”

This is how we take our power back.

This is how we clarify our moral compass and develop our own code of ethics. This is how we pursue our pleasures and work for justice and liberation of all, not just ourselves. This is how we transform our breakdown into a breakthrough.

This is how we innovate, invent, awaken, and evolve.


Here is a short list of things you can do to come home to your heavenly body, to discern the messages of your gut, and to allow the big truth to work its magic through you. These rituals of honoring your earth body are always with you, always in your wheelhouse.

  1. Do a body scan grounding practice to increase your bodily self awareness.
  2. Light one candle in a dark room and simply pay attention to your breath and the candlelight.
  3. Dance to instrumental music without choreography or agenda in your living room, the backyard, or the river bank. Without clothes is also an option.
  4. Touch all the parts of your body while naming gratitude out loud for each body part.
  5. Let yourself have a good uncontrolled cry. Be it in the shower, during sex, at the office, in the car, wherever. Just let yourself go!
  6. Get on the ground, forehead to the floor, and kiss the earth.
  7. Imagine yourself already having the specific success you desire. Track the sensations in your body when you step into that future version of yourself where you have what you want.
  8. Look yourself in the eyes in a mirror and tell that person you see, “I love you. I am here for you.”
  9. Touch different parts of your body with an open palm hand and breathe into that spot.
  10. Touch your naked skin with the pinnacle of love and tenderness.

With big love for you and me and this earth our home, together.

p.s. 10 years ago, I hosted a sex party called “Heavenly Bodies.” May you play with the body you have now, knowing you are made from the same fundamental elements as the moon and stars!

p.p.s If you liked the quote above form Chani Nicholas, please follow their writing. It is beautiful, poignant, distinct, and has the power to change your life.

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