Spring Truths

Do you remember the call of the new moon?  Our collective and individual opportunity for the season?

What truths have you been telling over the last 2 weeks?

Was it a small, quiet recognition inside your own heart that only you can hear?  

Or a big exclamation from the rooftop?

Did you have a “final straw” moment?  

“I can’t take this anymore.  I can’t wait any longer.  The longer I wait, the smaller I get.  The longer I hold on and hide, the more afraid and tired I become.  I have to change my life right now.”

Did you draw a line in the sand?  Did you make your truth a boundary, an edge, a limit?

“I will no longer tolerate this behavior, this kind of interaction, this duplicate experience.  I deserve better.”

Maybe your truth telling was asking for what you want, saying, specifically, what you desire in sex, love, career, or family.

“I want to explore our sex lives with other people.”

“Mistress, may I please serve you?”

“When you come home tomorrow, I will be naked in bed, and I want you to come in, without any words and…”

“I have been exceeding our goals here. I want a raise.”

“I want a solo vacation.  Will you please take care of the kids while I’m away?”

On this new side of the line — the place where you’ve just peeled back the layers, opened your heart of courage, and told your truth — it may feel scary.  Like you’re out of your element, out of your body, or out there all alone.

The air can feel a little colder.  Or you may feel like the heat of the sun is boiling your skin. 

Either way, take a breath.  Your body knows how to work with what you feel — these sensations and emotions, this desire and grief, the underlying longing to be true to yourself and your integrity.

We might not know HOW to make the fantasy reality, to craft the big change we need, but we have say it out loud to begin and to advance.  

In doing this, we declare our worth, the value of our humanity, the fundamental reality that our brains and bones are hardwired for connection, creativity, and love. 

Every time we reveal a new layer of ourselves, our desires for more, our boundaries for less, we step into a space of vulnerability and uncertainty. The truth is, what we want may not be available to us with this person, in this moment, in this place, or under this moon.

There is a possibility that our truth will not be met with the big YES we desire. 

The first thing we can do is breathe with that uncertainty.

Truth-telling in the face of uncertainty is how we raise the bar for our thriving, walk tall in our best shoes, and stand on the floor that was the ceiling we were reaching so hard for.  

Every time we tell the truth of what we want, what we no longer will accept in relationship, the details of our fantasies, our vision for our life, art, community, or world, we take a big step closer to consciously creating our reality.

Today, the sun shines again.  The moon reflects the brilliance of the sun in the night sky.  And together we are crossing the threshold into a new season of growth. 

At least one more person is reading these words as I write them.  Together, we are 3 — the first number that gives us structure and stability in the shape of the triangle.  

In the height of all this light and possibility, we are doing this growing, evolving, blossoming, healing, protesting, stretching into new positions of power, and dancing with uncertainty together.  

In the height of all this light and possibility, please know that your truth, your voice, your struggle, and your bravery are intertwined and necessary. 

In the height of all this light and possibility, I invite you to take action today to create the ecstasy and the excellence you are meant for. 

Keep breathing. 

What are you doing today to create the sex, love, career, family, or art life you desire? Tell me below in the comments.

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