Meet Eva

Eva Blake
Somatic Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, and Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Eva Blake small

I completed my B.A. in Government at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.  I am certified through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality as a Sexological Bodyworker and maintain membership in the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB).  I also hold a certification as a Somatic Sex Educator through the New School of Erotic Touch.  My teachers have included Joseph Kramer, Ellen Heed, Celeste and Danielle, and Stacey Morganstern with the Transformational Coaching Method.

My work as an educator and coach lives in the realm of a sacred duty.  Coming to this duty as both a guide and a witness, I support individuals to trust their bodies’ wisdom, liberate their desires, and live fully empowered in their own sexuality.  I approach the mysteries of sexuality and spirit with wonder, as an opportunity to shed the stories of what “should be” or what is “supposed to be” and experiencing, with enchantment and curiosity, what “is so now” and what wants “to become”.

I interact with sexuality as a fundamental and incredibly joyful component of human existence.  I’ve experienced a transformation in my own life through the practice of intentional erotic embodiment.  I notice a striking increase in my ability to be clear with my communications, to step into a deeper trust with the people in my life, and to set boundaries with love and compassion. 

I have two primary motivations in this work:  to stretch into the limitless possibilities of pleasure in the human body and to eradicate the shame I’ve internalized as a result of living in a culture that represses sexuality and degrades people for their erotic choices and desires.  Needing to let go of damaging cultural narratives, I began exploring personal growth work and communal learning environments where I discovered the powerful nature of my erotic energy as force in its own right, as a meditative tool to cultivate my own confident center, and as a fuel to feed my passions in this lifetime. 

“Eva, you have incredible courage.  Thank you for modeling, trust, vulnerability, and bravery.”  
M.E., Portland, Oregon

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