Heavenly Body Magic

This is the time to purify our homes and hearts, extract the poisons from our physical bodies and body politic. To address the shadows of doubt, avoidance, and self-loathing.

Time to shake it out and make an unrelenting commitment to truth and what it calls us to do or not do.

36 Questions

36 Questions of escalating personal self-disclosure to intentionally create closeness.

Science Made My Date Dreamy

I had a great date last week.  One I’m putting this one in the “Dreamy Date” category. Maybe you remember…

The Origins of Valentine

Today’s a day to celebrate or ignore.  I’m indifferent to Valentine’s Day, generally.  A single day of the year where…

2019 Desire Resolutions

The time of the New Year’s Resolutions. We turn the calendar, say goodbye and hello to a new number with,…