Risk failure

I spent most of my 20s (and even into my 30s) dong sex, intimacy, love, and relationships very poorly.

Shame. Love. Stretch.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I challenged you to generate 5 minutes for yourself to answer the following 2 questions: What…

Make Your Love Meaningful

It is almost that day at the end of the week that lots of people freak out about every year.

I love love. I love lust. I love swooning and swishing and falling into the sweetness that is tender loving appreciation and adoration. So, let’s talk about how we can express our love in ways that are specific, intentional, personal, and meaningful.

Sexual Liberation Goals 2020

We — humanity — are being called to be intentional, methodical, tender, and relentless in our pursuit of self-loving and global justice.

So, how will you be intentional in your self-loving pursuit of sexual healing, ecstasy, connection, and liberation?

The Secrets of the Decade

I’m focusing on what I’ve survived. The parts that I hid, downplayed, or tried to disappear. The parts that wrecked me, consumed me, or drained me. Moments that I thought, while they were happening, that I couldn’t possibly live through, to see the other side.

Let Your Breath Lead

Whether you are sitting quietly with yourself or your crush, touching your own skin or the soft inner thigh of…